Project is a demake of Jer Thorp's SmartRockets (2006)

It was for a gamejam organized by , theme was "demake 3d game" , so I'm out of scope !! but it was really challenging to code this on the pico8 with all it's limitations, like the out of memory, poping for a 1000 points-generation!!!

Most of the credits go to Daniel Shiffman's Coding Challenge "29


instructions (EN)
 * you can reset by pressing "v"
 * you can place an obstacle by left-clicking on the "playfield", it's more interesting to do it after a few generation (place it on the path of the successfull points)
 * playfield is on theright side of the scree, target on its bottom
* left side is for generation evaluation, displaying:
   - 3 generations, :
    -> the 1st one
    -> the last "tenth" (generation:10-20-30...)
    -> the last one

   - for each generation, 2 lines with:
     -> 1st line
       -1st number: generation number
       -2nd number: average finesse
       -3rd number: maximum finesse
     -> 2nd line
       - A: Number of points CRASHED
       - N: Number of points with a "Natural Death"
       - S: Numbert of points hitting the target


Description of the algorithm:
- each generation has 100 points (pt)
- each point has a DNA
- each DNA is a sequence of 50 directions (up/down/right/left)
-each point is evaluated (finesse), based on:
   - the distance to the target
   - bonus if succes
   - penalty if crashed
-each point has a chance relative to it's finesse to be chosen as a parent for the next generation
- each parents provides 50% of its DNA

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